Why do I have so much stuff?

I mean, listen, I love my stuff. I do. But there’s too much of it. I can’t even begin to list the number of books I’ve purchased that I have not read. I’m not even saying finished. I’m saying, not read, as in, not even one page. Last year I simply had to have Far From the Tree and aside from a brief dip into the chapter on Autism (because I had to find out for myself whether I felt Solomon had done a disservice to Autistic persons), I haven’t cracked the cover. Why? Well, first of all, it’s heavy. Have you lifted that thing? Secondly, I’m lazy. I love reading (I say) and talking (obviously) but I love watching really good television more (apparently).

I want to clear things out, not to make space for more new things. (Please, Kyra. No.) I want to clear things out to make space for space. I want to clear things out because it always feels good to simplify. (At least, at first.) I want to clear things out because someone out there may actually read that book sitting on my shelf, or wear that cocktail dress that never fit, or fill those scrap books with something other than dust.

And so, on the first day of the new year, I am embarking on the Great January Give-Away. (I’ve discovered I really like projects, schedules, check-lists, countdowns.) This means I’ll be giving away a number of items equal to the date, each day, for the entire month. Ie:

January 1st = 1 item given away
January 2nd = 2 items given away

By January 31st, I will have cleared out 496 items. 496!

Anyone want to join me?

Sweet Memories

I’ve been on a Martha Beck bender, reading her many books in preparation for my Martha Beck Life Coach training that begins in January. The Four-Day Win; Ending Your Diet War and Achieve Thinner Peace isn’t on the reading list for the training but I’m making my way through it slowly, one 4-Day Win exercise at a time. It’s all about…



I’ve been percolating for a few years now and I’m finally ready for a reboot.

I’m calling this, Tiny Umbrellas & Other Signs of Life, because I remember the day after a hard rain when the ground was covered with tiny mushrooms and they looked to me like tiny umbrellas and I thought about how everyone of them was connected to something not tiny at all–something, in fact, vast.

I wrote about it here. It gave me hope, the image of this mycelium network, waiting underground, dark and silent, waiting for the day after a storm to send its troops up through the soggy ground.

I’ve got a new fangled theme with new fangled features but it’s going to take me a while to figure out how to make everything do what I want it to do…

See y’all in 2015.

Still Straddling

I originally posted this in June of 2008, over 6 years ago. While I might change one or two things, specifically, replace the word ‘remediate’ with the word ‘teach’, this describes so much of how I still feel. Fluffy and me, walking along a Cape Cod Trail; August, 2002, taken by Dave.  I’m not sure where I fit in.  I’m…


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