It’s Not Too Late–What if it’s true?


I’m reading Barbara Sher’s book, Wishcraft (copyright 1979–I know! I’m late to the party!) and I love that she says it’s not too late to have a life you love-no matter your age. I love love love that.

I am on the cusp of believing this is true, really believing, deeply believing.

It makes me think of this section toward the very end of Finding Your Own North Star:

“The compasses inside you will always be pointing the right way, even if you forget to check them, even if you fail for a while to hold your course. You can begin again at any moment, and the instant you turn back toward true north, every mistake you’ve made and every minute you’ve spent following the wrong path will become the raw material of wisdom, compassion, and joy.”

–Martha Beck

Life Coaching

I’ve been doing the Martha Beck Life Coach training since January. I love it. I love learning and practicing the tools. It’s like spelunking, finding what’s been in the caves and corners all along.

Martha has two mottos–well, she has hundreds but these are the biggies: Life it to Give it and Be the Light, not the Window. Life it to Give it is happening automatically. There’s no way to avoid my ‘stuff’ as my ‘stuff’ is being unearthed and explored each week when the ‘cadets’ in my group practice the tools with each other. It’s an on-going process, (clearly–I don’t imagine there is an end to my ‘stuff’) but I really am feeling more alive, more spacious, more connected, as if aspects of my essential self are waking from a long sleep. I am closer to living the thing I want to give.

That’s the second motto–the giving is the lighting, not the view. I don’t have answers, advice, suggestions. How can I know what is right for anyone else? But the tools make it possible for the client to see what they need to see.

The dream analysis tool is the coolest. I just wish I had more to work with, more dream material. I’m trying to establish the habit of recording them figuring along the ‘if I write them, they will come’ mindset. I have snippets, some of them about as hard to interpret as a door slamming in your face (whatever are they trying to communicate?). For example, the one where I am shouting at the top of my lungs, “I’M NOT GETTING MY NEEDS MET!” But the other one, where I’m in the kitchen with Barack and Michelle Obama as they cook and joke and laugh, stopping every once in a while to dance to the song that’s playing over and over (Pharrell’s Happiness), that one was a ball to investigate.

What about you? Do you dream? Do you write them down? Do you ever wonder what the beings in your cave (or attic) are trying to tell you?