Final Visit to the New School

What is it that Hemingway said? We’re all broken by the world but that “some of us are strong in the broken places.” That’s the trick then–not to avoid getting broken, hurt, wounded by the events and people in our lives, but to become stronger, wiser, larger versions of ourselves because of it.

Today is Tito’s last school visit at a brandy-new, small, independent school about two hours away. (More on this in future posts.) We’ve been making these visits every other week since the start of the new year.

This afternoon, there will be an event at the farm where the school will eventually move, once they’ve completed their capital campaign and done various other things to ready the property. It will be the first time the four new students (Tito among them) will merge with the eight current students for an afternoon/evening of games and food.

Send us your best thoughts!

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

–Kahlil Gibran

6 thoughts on “Final Visit to the New School

    1. No. We are moving half the week to that location to stay in a house rental so he can attend a new, small, private alternative day school.

      1. Oh that’s a relief. I was going to say… there is no way he belongs in a residential setting, particularly any of them in Mass. (most are awful imo!) Hope you post more about the new school. It sounds great.

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