Not all parents have the same job

 People engage with the life they have, and they don’t want to be cured, or changed or eliminated — they want to be whoever it is that they’ve come to be.

Andrew Solomon said that. I love him. I do.

It’s a simple truth. But the complicated every day of how, how to guide, engage, and respond, in order to help your child be who they are here to be, that can be unbelievably complicated. For some.

I keep coming back to something I heard ages ago: Not all parents have the same job. I certainly don’t have the same job as most people I meet.

I have to change the way that feels by meeting more parents on a similar path. For the in-person, day to day stuff.

How about you? Have you found those on a similar path? Do you feel connected to an in-person community of people who *get* it?





4 thoughts on “Not all parents have the same job

  1. I’ve made the effort since moving back “home” after being on the edge of the country for many years to meet parents here who have a similar job. Because most people I meet, and the friends I had who became parents while I was gone, do not. It makes a difference.

  2. I actually do know quite a few parents who have the same job that we do. And, I’ve found life in the last few years so much easier because of them. We still don’t all see things in the same way, or have the same opinions about everything, but we are all on the same journey, and want the same things.for our children. I would urge you to seek these people out; for us it has made all the difference!

  3. Oh my word, guiding our kids is very complicated! I guess I feel connected with many parents who share the same journey, although I am drawn to those in the RDI community… because (for me) they really do get it.

  4. I wouldn’t say I’ve found that yet. Especially not in person. I think I’ve had a fear of connecting with people on the same journey as me for a variety of reasons (embarrassing but honest). This has surely hampered my ability to find and connect with other people.

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