The Tie Dye T-Shirt Project–Update


I mentioned this briefly yesterday but I’m back to give the details so we can all spread this Tie Dye T-Shirt mania across the country–maybe even the world!

(cue organ music) Bwaaaaaah!

Why not???

Melissa, Alex Barton’s mom, read this post of mine in which I said:

I want to paint a giant rainbow on the side of an old school bus, load it up with tie-dye t-shirts with a big old NHA (Nurtured Heart Approach) plastered on the front and drive across the country, spreading the world from a loud speaker mounted to the roof. We need to hijack our children to a feeling of success over and over, especially those that struggle to maintain their cool in the peer settings. Instead of more and longer time outs, we need to give them more and longer time ins, saturate them in the truth of how much of the time they are expressing the qualities we admire and value.

Now, that Melissa is a gal after my own heart, a can do gal, an AmeriCAN not an AmeriCAN’T! She not only cheered the idea, she’s whipped it into action! Go see what I mean.

She and Alex have already dyed the first batch of t-shirts and will be sending them out this Friday, one of them is coming to this very house!

Fluffy and I will dye our  batch and then send them out. The recipients of those t-shirts will dye their batch and send them out and so forth and la la la!

So! Jump on the bus! Break out your buckets and dye! Roll up your shirt sleeves and dive in!

Here’s the text from a flyer made up by the fantabulous Krystal, mother of five autistic children:


Dear Parents, 

We would first start off by saying that you are doing a wonderful job with your child. You are the number one advocate for your child and no matter what comes your way, you can bypass the obstacle and make the world a better place for your child. It is your love and affection and determination that will pave the way to brighter days and an even brighter future. 

We would like to brighten the day of a child with autism too. The children of today are tomorrow’s autism advocates and learning to be considerate, to be united and tolerant is the first step in advocating. Our children need to know that they are not alone in their daily struggles. 

1 in 150 children born in the USA everyday will be diagnosed with autism. That is why we created The Tie Dye Project. 

The Tie Dye Project is a chain of kids with ASD sending their very own tie dye masterpiece shirt to another child with ASD. 

This is how it works: 

The first child, Alex Barton of Port SaintLucie, FL will be sending outfive shirts that are tie dyed by him to five other children with ASD. The shirtswill be numbered A 1 -5. The recipients of the shirts will receive instructions on the numbering of their shirt for example: if you received number A1 the instructions you would receivewould say “send five tie dyed shirts to the enclosed list of five kids numbered B 6-9”and so on. 

The shirts should read “The Tie Dye Project”. This can be written, ironed, or even painted! Use your imagination. 

The kids/ artist could even write their name on the bottom of the shirt so the next child knows who sent it. 

At this time, all of Alex’s shirts have a home. They will be going to children in MA, NY, NC, FL, Canada. However, we still need participants! We need children to be recipients and givers. 

If you would like to participate in the Tie Dye Project, please e-mail your information to Alex’s mom at:

 Let’s make this a worldwide effort! 

Our goal: Reach as many kids in as many places in the world as possible! 

**Sponsorship opportunities are also available to others who areinterested in participating. Together we can raise the spirits of children with ASD worldwide!

Leave your name in the comments section here if you would like your child to receive a t-shirt made by Fluffy.

Thank you to all you wonderful readers out there!

19 thoughts on “The Tie Dye T-Shirt Project–Update

  1. you got the first one! i’ll email you privately to get your address, etc.,

    i suggest emailing alex’s mom to get on her list and let her know that you’ll be getting your t-shirt from fluffy!

    we’ll be making five of them, so there are four more slots available!

  2. This is definately taking off! I am so glad to see that it is!!! I’m waiting with anticipation to get the kids started on theirs!


  3. We got our shirt yesterday, and we LOVE IT! The rooster wore it to school today, and his teacher loved it and took his photo, which she then “shocked” with an app on her iphone, and it’s too cute not to send to you… it’ll be on its way asap. Thank you for the shirt! We’ll make our 5 Sunday, if the deities allow…If anyone wants one of our five, give us a holler….

  4. I’m an OT working at an incredible center serving children with Autism. the LIFE center in Gilbert, AZ…how can we be in? I have many little friends who would love being a part of this.

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